Singapore-the temple of Consumerism

Singapore-the temple of Consumerism

Wow-from the moment your plane touches down in Singapore your mouth is hanging open. The architecture is beyond belief, the over the topness of everything- it is all one of a kind.

We hit the ground walking bright and early for our one day in Singapore. When we asked for directions our concierge said “you’re walking?” Little did we know. The heat and brick wall of humidity combined made for a 99 degree day-not a great one for strolling. By mid day we were dazed and rode the subway for an hour to get to our destination- we thought we were headed for a river cruise-never found it but did find the most over over over the top Shoppes at Marina Bay mall (800,000 sg ft of stores) that was also an indoor adventure park. Absolutely every vendor you have ever seen in glossy ads in Vogue has a huge store here. There was also a crazy hotel looming over the mall towers that seemed to curve in very unnatural ways with a huge platform at the top shaped like the hull of a boat. The rooftop has the highest infinity pool in the world. Singapore has the most billionares in the world and is the #1 greenest country-lush parks everywhere. We walked around in a stupor avoiding the outside downpour before heading to our final destination next door- Gardens by the Bay.

What a treat-beautiful gardens with two special domes. The first was the Cloud Forest. One of the greenest places you’ll ever find. Huge waterfalls cascading from four stories up. As you walk through the mist there are neverending plants and flowers and sculptures of nature. Beyond words.




There were even LEGO flowers. So colorful and whimsical. Shout out to Matt Rushby, our nephew, a Lego modeler who works on projects like this one.

The second dome contains plantings from five continents- very nice but not close to the drama of the Cloud Forest.


We limped back to meto exhausted, picked up a take out dinner and retreated to our humble hotel-way too tired to try and find the notorious food stalls whose locations we had downloaded.

Next morning we hit the Singapore airport and it, in and of itself, is a jaw dropping destination and we were at the least interesting terminal!

Rest from the chaos of touring awaits us at the end of this plane ride-Lankawi, Malaysia.

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  1. Hi Carol! So jealous about your adventures! Singapore is great….except the humidity! But yeah the airport is the best in the world (same for their airlines)! Hope you tried some of their local fare. Thai, Singaporean, and Malaysian tend to be on the spicy side (as if the humidity wasn’t enough), but delicious nonetheless! Will read on to follow your adventures across Asia!

    Have a blast!

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