Loving Langkawi

Loving Langkawi

Langkawi  is a small island off the north western coast of Malaysia and what a stunner this island is. The beaches are beyond beyond. Warm water, soft sand, interesting wildlife and we have had lots of sun. We’ve been here for two weeks and have not lain in the sand-we are living in the water- two hours in the morning at”our beach” (see below) and two hours in “our pool.” Midday we are out of the sun lazing at our apartment. Although we have been slathering ourselves in sunscreen we are tanner the either of us has ever been.

Parasailing is a huge activity here when the winds are right. Carol had every intention of trying it and then the winds shifted so were no longer offering parasailing- just another reminder that Mama Nature rules!

Fishermen throwing nets at “our beach.” “Our beach” is an extension of Cenang Beach-but almost no people come to this section so we have claimed it as ours.

Below are a jellyfish, sand dollar, starfish footprint, snail and the most bizarre crab activity We have noticed. These industrious minute (pin head sized) crabs very industriously make the small balls that surround the holes they have dug. Other crabs come and try to enter their hole but the homeowner crab moves the little balls around to protect his space- at least that’s what we think is going on- where is our naturalists when we need them?

We were a little worried because our first day here we went looking for fruit and veggies. We could not find any veggies and anyone who knows us and how much we love salads knows this was an issue. We were roaming in town (two streets) and passing a store saw some cukes and tomatoes. Excitedly we grabbed a few only to have the owner laughingly tell us that this was a restaurant and the produce was not for sale. They told us where the wholesale fruit & veggies place was (less the five minutes from our hotel) so we have been buying there -in and out of walk-in coolers- what a treat and soooo cheap!

One of the most interesting things happening to us on this island is being with people from parts of the world that we usually never have the opportunity to meet. Americans are virtually non existant here. Almost everyone speaks some English. We have had conversations with people from Pakistan, Korea, Iraq, China, Nepal, Russia, Algeria and Malaysia. It just reaffirms our knowledge that we all have so much in common and need to respect the differences.

Malaysia is a muslim nation and especially at the beach that is very apparent. Muslim women at the beach wear very different clothes than western women while men wear standard swimming trunks.  Covered head to toe and swimming alongside large Khazikstani women in bikinis just makes you smile at the wonder of it all.

These ladies were catching a boat to go snorkeling and these are their swimsuits.

One of the big attractions in Langkawi is a cable car that climbs to the highest point on the island. The whole operation was really well done- depositing us at two different points. Views from the top were spectacular. These  mountains are made of limestone and sandstone. 

We shared a cable car on the way down with a Malaysian family who had never been to Langkawi before but knew where Massachusetts was! The daughter has a friend at MIT and plans on going there herself-her mother was so excited to tell us that she will visit America when her daughter is there.

There are tons of birds here-brillant yellow orioles, kites, swallows, dove and these two who landed on the balcony next to ours-huge bills.

Afternoons, as we mentioned, are usually spent at our resort pool. It is really a great place to be-a lazy river, three slides, waterfalls, wave pool, big pool, little pool and the best people watching.

Click here for a video of an old lady having fun at the pool! D17C9F75-8CA2-4A02-8F94-4DA88A87F30CMost people come here for three or four days so our being here for two weeks makes us the feel awfully lucky.

We kayaked out to the island across the bay. Saw a massive jellyfish on the way over. The island was surrounded by volcanic rock and coral.

Next stop- Phuket! We’ll be there for two weeks.

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  1. This blog has been so much better than any of the postcards we used to receive. Now we understand the true magnitude and beauty of the places you visit. . . Is there a video of Kathy going down the waterslide too?

  2. Spectacular!!! I envy the sun!!! Rain here after days of ice and now a thaw but as you know, that doesn’t mean spring anytime soon.
    Take a dive for me you two. The pool looks like so much fun. You know I’d be on that slide but sadly not in that cable car unless you plied me with some sort of drug!!!

    Love to you both.

  3. OMG, that island, beautiful, the cable car, thank you, thank you once again for sharing, Carol and Kathy, xoxo.

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