Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends

There are so many things unique to the areas that we have been visiting. When electricity and phone lines no longer work they just string up another line so you have crazy jumbles of mostly nonfunctional wires.

With the exchange rate of 22,000 dong in Vietnam equalling $1 everyone is a millionaire! This is $200

Food glorious food! Steaming, tasty Pho, scrambled egg on rice paper cooked over a few coals on the street, Com Ga-chicken and rice, fresh spring rolls & pork on a lemongrass stick. So good!

A dining tip-According to our guide Minh, when you are deciding where to eat street food look for a trash bucket at the end of the table- it means they are a clean establishment-you throw your limes and stems from the mint, cilantro,etc in the bucket

Iced coffee with coffee flavored jelly squares that you suck up through the fat straw. Coffee drinker Carol says Vietnamese coffee is the very best-over the moon- delish.

Fresh beer- brewed that day and so refreshing.

Snake wine- we passed on this one!

Believe me getting down to these stools is no easy feat. Our first night in Hanoi we had to use them but thankfully we had our guide to lend us his arm getting down and up. Obviously Vietnamese do not have arthritic knees!

The art of loading up a minibike. They look like a recipe for disaster but the roads are full of these and we only saw one on the side of the road readjusting after a near collapse.

These two geese on the back of the motorcycle are going to their new home in the country-most likely a stew pot.

Helmets are mandatory, but apparently not for minors. Often two to three kids and two adults to a bike. We also saw a front pack for infants. Hard to get pictures when you are driving but there were plenty of insane things to see on the roads-especially in Vietnam.

Streets of Hanoi-crowded beyond belief. Also note it was in the high eighties low nineties and most natives have on puffy jackets.

Another missed opportunity-

Even  pedestrian walkways in Singapore are things of beauty-covered with flowers and greenery and sparkling clean.

This is the most common mode of transportation in Cambodia. In the middle of the day drivers string up hammocks inside the cabs and sleep.

 Modern take on traditional clothing.

Just like in the states wedding pictures involve multiple clothing changes and oftentimes occur over multiple days.

Hotel robes in Sapa!

These are spiral incense burners that hung all through a temple in Hoi An. You dedicate them to an individual and it takes two weeks for them to burn out.

Bathrooms-so educational-put butts not feet on the seat. The bathroom in over the top Singapore of course has a safe place to put your baby.

Prayer rugs not bibles in hotel rooms.

Etiquette reminders-especially love the reminder not to inflate prices in tourist areas.

We came across these children hiking in Sapa, Vietnam. The young ones dress in traditional clothes and try to sell trinkets to trekkers, but by school age they wear modern clothing. This area of Vietnam is going through a huge transformation and oftentimes we saw very young toddlers playing very close to edges of dirt roads and cliffs. We asked our guide about the mortality rate and he said it is high.

This was a beautiful alley in Siem Reap, Cambodia. High end shops, cafes- very nice.

A beautiful lotus flower-the symbol,of so many things in Southeast Asia.

These were dancers preparing for a religious ceremony at Angkor Wat.

Roof tiles-so many shapes, sizes and colors and no leaks!


More to follow


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  1. Hi Kathy and Carol,

    Just wanted you to know that we’re really enjoying your blog. Keep up the good work of sharing it with us all!

    Sue and Tom

  2. Really enjoying sharing this journey with you . The pictures are beautiful . The differences in our cultures are just amazing. I can’t pack a car never mind traveling down a road on a bike with my life ‘s possessions on the back. Gads.
    Snake wine, huh? Interesting.

  3. Alas, more pictures. They are just wonderful. I feel like I am there with you. Enjoying “my” trip all within the comforts of my home. Love you guys! Keep the pics coming.

  4. What beautiful pictures. That coffee looks amazing. I also love that robe , Carol. Glad your both having a wonderful time! Can’t wait to see you Easter!

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