Phuket to Koh Samui

Phuket to Koh Samui

Well, we all know that moving day is a pain in the neck and this was one of the worst. In a moment of insanity we had decided that the way we wanted to get from Phuket, an island off the west coast, to Koh Samui, an island off the east coast, was by bus then ferry so we could see more of the country and, no joke, save ourselves $40. We know you are all laughing at us and justifiably so. What a mess. We were picked by a van up at 8 a.m. at our hotel and wound our way around Patong Bay picking up other folks, driven to a bus station an hour away and told that the bus would be leaving in another hour. That was the last time that any information was given to anyone. Although we were the only English speaking people and everyone going on this crazy ride were tourists no one really knew what was going on and no one really cared- including us. An hour later a bus starts up and we get in-hoping it is going to the ferry about four hours away.

The scenery did not let us down. Beautiful karsts everywhere.

Pineapple and coconut plantations

but most interesting of all were miles and miles and miles of these trees that we had never seen before. These were fairly skinny trees planted in a grid and a couple of feet above the ground every tree had a little cup nailed into the bark. Another mystery-where is that naturalist we need? Lo & behold they were rubber trees and the cups were to catch the milky latex that drips after the tree is cut. Hate to advertise our ignorance but we both thought latex was a man made product!

Back to the scenic trip we start seeing signs for Surat Thani where we catch the ferry and we know we are getting close as the bus driver slams on his brakes. We hear a thud and stop. Fortunately it was a car he hit and not a human. The car driver gets out and we watch-they start talking and I am sure everyone on the bus was thinking “hurry up-we have a ferry to catch.”

Don’t know what the resolution was but about 5 minutes later we drive away. Finally we arrive at the pier and get off the bus. Everybody kind of wanders around but Scout Carol asks at the ticket counter and a woman points a couple hundred yards away and says “3:30 boat.” Nothing else to do so we wander down to where she pointed hauling our luggage in the blazing heat. Pretty empty, but by 4:00 it is a very packed area-the boat arrives and it starts to pour cats and dogs and elephants. Of course it is low tide so there is a very slippery ramp to get to the floating pier. We are hauling 50 lb. luggage in pouring rain sliding all over the place. Nice strong young man grabs Kathy’s bag but Bumpy’s almost goes into the water. We are beyond drenched and so is our luggage. Grab the last two seats and settle in for the 1 1/2 hour ferry ride. Of course the AC is broken and all those wet bodies raise the humidity to about 100% inside.

We get off the ferry, collect our still very wet luggage, and caught a cab to arrive at our new home for the next month at about 6:45. And what a beautiful new home it is.

Lesson learned -we won’t ever do that again! We’ll fly next time.

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  1. It’s not the destination it’s the journey is a little squed in this case. Great photos

  2. At least there was a lesson in all that ! I thought latex was man made as well. Thx for that tidbit ! Are you continuing the slug life style ? Lol

  3. Such fun to read about your adventures and misadventures from the comfort of my recliner after a long day of shoveling snow. Relax and enjoy your new digs. Hope to see you in April. xo

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