A Day in our Sandals at Koh Samui

A Day in our Sandals at Koh Samui

Old King Sol rises at 6:30 here at Koh Samui and by 7:30 on market day we are on our way-intent on beating the heat. Out the wooden gate that is the door to our villa and take a left. Our mile long stroll has new things to discover every single time we do it. This is probably true everywhere but our senses are heightened here.  New flowers have bloomed,

a water buffalo is grazing by the sidewalk, 918F53AD-DCB7-422F-97BC-DD3AD2EEEF8Froosters are strutting,

Bananas are ready to pick with a new flower starting to produce the next cluster,

people off to work and children off to school and sadly the remains of the dead dog we passed by yesterday.

When we reach the veggie stall it’s smiles and sawadee-ka’s (hello) from everyone. Kathy gets enough lettuce, cukes, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, red onion, limes to last 3-4 days and into the backpack it goes. Cost is under 300 Baht ($10.) Carol, meanwhile had walked about 10 yards further down the street to the 7-11 store and gotten tonic water for our evening cocktails and an iced coffe to give her a smile on her face and the energy for the walk home facing the now hotter sun. Home by 8:15. Groceries away and eat a simple breakfast of fruit and yogurt.

Suntan lotioned up we head for the beach across the road and down a short path by 9:30.

Throw down a towel and beach bags, take a quick swim and walk on the beach taking refreshing dips when we get hot.

Sometimes Carol gets a massage.

Sometimes we do water aerobics, sometimes we lunge walk against the current and sometimes we just bob but we are in the warm water until about 1 p.m. It all feels sooooooo good!

Lunch-sit down in our wet bathing suits at tables set in the sand at any one of a dozen beachside restaurants within a mile.

Almost every meal we have eaten in our 11 weeks here is Asian in origin- lots of seafood, pork, chicken, noodles, rice, salads, sauces of every type-spicy, brown, tamarind, coconut and lots of vegetables. The only beef we have had was a hamburger in Ho Chi Minh. Cost for lunch with a beer is in the $5-$7 range.

By now it’s about 2-2:230 and we head home. Stopping off at Family Mart to pick up water, yogurt, vodka, beer, coke, juice and the fruit stand for pineapple, papaya, mango, watermelon, bananas. We usually go for a quick swim in the pool and head in the house to catch up with the world. Lots of reading and Kathy has been doing some counted cross stitch. Nice leisurely afternoon.

Cocktails sometime after 6p.m., dinner around 7p.m. then read until one feels like hitting the sack. Although we have plenty of English speaking channels-Fox news is everywhere!- we have not watched TV since we left the states. We both have our iPads and kindles and they seem to provide enough entertainment.

So there it is-a day in our sandals in paradise. We’re coming back. Today we booked our place here for 11 weeks next year. It’s that good!

Thanks for coming along with us on this adventure-it is hard to believe that these 11 weeks are coming to an end. But, of course, while we have been away we have been busy planning future adventures with the hopes that they will be as much fun as this one has been. As a matter of fact, Carol and her grandaughter Madison leave for Spain two weeks after we get back from SE Asia! We will be granting a temporary “honorary retired sister” status to Madison so she can help with the posting of their adventures in the Iberian Peninsula and would love you to join them via our blog. It’s been fun!


12 thoughts on “A Day in our Sandals at Koh Samui

  1. My beautiful and very tanned friends, thank you so very much for taking us along on your wonderful trip. I especially loved your last post about religion, culture, living expenses and being Americans in the World. You are both great Ambassadors for the American people, spreading love and light everywhere.

  2. Kath and Bump…Great pictures and narratives of all of your adventures! Enjoyed both very much…you’re travel blogging pros!

    See ya both in about 11 days.

  3. Thank you Kathy and Carol for taking me along on this wonderful trip! What a great adventure and what fabulous commentary and I’m so proud that you represent the best of American travelers. If I never get there, I at least have had this opportunity to walk in your shoes. Safe journey home to plan your next adventure.

  4. Looks great! What part of the Island are you staying at, and what is the name of your accommodations??

  5. YES- thank you for sharing your adventures! The pictures and text were fabulous plus your photo at the end with the smiles and relaxing aura- perfect!
    I would agree that you found paradise but I didn’t see one manatee in your pictures. Lol
    See you soon-travel safe!

  6. So So beautiful!!! Thanks for all the pictures and the travel log. It was so great to be a small part of your adventure.

  7. Just looking at these pictures again, fabulous, and thanks again so much for doing it, it’s been such a treat !

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