Back in the Thai life again!

Back in the Thai life again!

But first a quick recap of our fall- plans for three weeks in Arizona and Utah where ditched when sister Carol surprised all of us by having a heart attack and spending 5 days in the hospital followed by three months of cardiac rehab. Now we know why we buy trip insurance! So glad to say she has fully recovered and got the green light to head back to Thailand. If any of you have any questions about the sodium content of ANYTHING she is the one to ask.

After a beautiful Holiday season with family and friends we hopped a plane (actually three and 1 more the next day) for the 30+ hour trip back to Bangkok- just like childbirth the excruciating pain of this is quickly forgotten. We spent a much needed night on solid ground in Bangkok at our very favorite airport spot U-Tiny Boutique Hotel,

Pool at U-Tiny

and hoped we could get to our island the next day. Got to Bangkok airport at scheduled time next morning

Outside Bangkok Airport

(seriously-airports in SE Asia are so beautiful) to find that flights for the whole day were delayed due to cyclone activity. As luck would have it we missed the first cyclone to hit our island in thirty years by a day. So, although, we missed the actual event, we were dealing with it’s aftermath. After spending the day in the Thai Airways lounge our flight was called and we made it to Koh Samui at dusk. On the trip from the airport to our condo many of the streets were very flooded and you could see water rushing down the hills through homes and businesses on it’s way to the sea. During our visit last year we had not seen this end of the island-very crowded- unlike where we stay in Bang Po.

Fortunately our space weathered the storm well and the pool looked as inviting as ever. We grabbed a few essentials from Family Mart, ordered takeout food and large Singha beers next door and called it a night.

This year our condo is on the second floor of our building and it really feels like we are in the tree tops.

We woke up the next morning excited to walk the beach and visit our favorite spots. What? Our favorite beach bungalow restaurant no longer exists?


What? The nice wide beach is churning somewhere in the Bay of Thailand because the waves are still breaking on sandbags that are the only thing holding the sea from running through every beachfront restaurant and beach massage hut.

Whereas last year we could walk about 5 miles of unimpeded sand beach now there are three or four impassable rivers that chop up that walk. In the week we have now been here it has been fun to see the fishing boats starting to return and the rivers becoming smaller and less strong. Mama nature is always at work.

The food, oh the food, has been nothing less than absolutely delicious. We have become, as Elaine Stritch put it “the ladies who lunch.”

With our favorite beach bungalow gone we have tried a new place for lunch every day and love them all! For dinner we have a great big salad that we prepare from veggies we get at the greengrocers down the road. Fruit (fresh pineapple, watermelon, mango, papaya, bananas etc.) and yogurt or cereal is breakfast.

We have a trip to another part of the island planned in two weeks and we’ll let you know all about that end of our world after we get back.

So there you have it-back in the Thai life, back in the high life again-just loving life again. Hope all is well with you and yours

5 thoughts on “Back in the Thai life again!

  1. It’s good to hear all your news! We’ve been thinking about you and wondering how it was going, and now we know. We are not surprised to hear that in spite of some blimps in the road, you are as cheerful as ever. Continue to enjoy. Love to you both.

  2. So happy that you are blogging again! It all looks fantastic (despite the cyclone impact) and you can bet I’ll be savoring every post. Enjoy!! xo

  3. You two are amazing! Love reading about these adventures and living vicariously through them all! I can even hear your laughter through your many escapades!!
    Love you!
    Have fun( now that’s a given!) D

  4. I love reading your Blog. Throw a Tropical Storm in front of you and you are sitting on a beach a few days later. (Lemons to lemonade yet again). I love Singha beer, my favorite especially with Thai food. In a week, I will be at about the same latitude as you but on the other side of the World. I love the photos. Keep the stories and photos coming.

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