Because we know how complacent we can become we built two exploratory adventures into our winter here in Koh Samui. This past weekend we took our first one and tore ourselves away from our home here in Bang Por and ventured to the eastern side of the island to Lamai-unchartered territory. 

We caught a Songthaew right outside out gate. These are trucks that have open air seating dropped into the bed and cost about 1/10 the cost of a cab. They circulate the ring road of the island all day and you let them know to stop for you by waving your hand back and forth at waist height-kind of like petting a dog. After a little haggling over price you hop on board and off you go. Lamai is 18 miles away but it takes 45-60 minutes to get there depending how many times the driver stops to do his errrands. But no rush-we are on island time.

Our Songtheaw

Lamai is a much more populated area than where we stay. Known for it’s beaches and Night Market it is a “must visit” destination here on Koh Samui. After a quick check-in we changed into swimsuits and set off to explore the resort. It had very nice walkways filled with lush plantings and, of course, lots of flowers. We walked toward the ocean where much to our surprise huge waves were pounding the shore. By huge waves we mean HUGE waves and only a very few people deemed crazy by us were in the water. We walked the length of the beach being teased by the warm water breaking at our feet but knowing we we not going to be going the crazy people in the ocean.

Refreshments at reception
The library in this walkway had hundreds of books-not one in English!
Lily Ponds line the walkways
Lamai Beach-waves are bigger than this looks-honest!
Our Hotel dining area
Lounging on the beach

We had a nice lunch at a funky reggae playing beachside restaurant and came up with Plan B-hit the pool. Which was the best plan ever. This is now in the Rushby sister record-books as one of the nicest pools we have ever been in. It became the center of our mindless mini-vacation for the next 48 hours. 

Back at our home in Bang Por the routine is swim in the ocean all morning, eat lunch at a beachside restaurant, walk home picking up necessities at Family Mart and Fruit Stand on the way, shower, settle into reading, puzzling, cross stitching etc. with a grand finale of making salad, cocktails, a game of Skip Bo, eating salad back to reading and watching programs on our ipads-exhausting- we know. At Lamai our life was pared down to walking the beach, lounging by the pool and eating. It sounds so boring but for two days we were the happiest campers on earth. In that time we both managed to leave our only pairs of sandals and had a bit of scrambling to locate them. Kathy realized after the pool had closed that hers were beside the lounge chair (housekeeping had them) and a few hours later Carol left hers at the beachside restaurant where we had dinner (she got halfway back down the beach in the dark and the waiter met her with them.)

Sun up and we are ready to swim

Sunday Night Market was as good as advertised. Very busy, lots of stalls and delicious food.

Sunday Night Market
Local entertainment
Appetizer-beetles are our favorites
We eat these fried and sauted
Delicious asparagus wrapped in bacon

Monday-lucky us-checkout wasn’t until noon so we got to spend the morning back at our pool before grabbing a Songthaew home. We are happy to be back at Bang Por and looking forward to our next mini vacation at the end of February to a tiny nearby island – Koh Tao. Until then

11 thoughts on “LAMAI

  1. I’ve been wondering about you two. So delighted to get the update. That pool looks divine!!! You know however that I’d be riding the waves.

    I don’t know if I could eat the insects!!!

    Love to you guys.

  2. Trying to post again.

    Was thinking of you two and delighted to hear and see your adventures .

    The pool looks divine but you know I’d be riding those waves.
    Not sure I could eat the insects!!!
    Lots of love.

  3. No wonder you returned again to this incredible place. Love the pool! And the asparagus. Beetles????

  4. Beautiful pic s!! Thanks so much for the update and narrative ! It looks fabulous, all except for the beetles!!

  5. Love reading about your adventures!! Living vicariously!!
    Continue to have fun!
    You guys ROCK!!
    Love and hugs!

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